O n i r i A

Oniria is an ethereal dimension created by the faint glow of dreams.

A light released from the darkness — as much irresistible as unexpected — when spirit and body lay down, one on the other.
And sight, invaded by the diaphanous detachment of ghosts, succeeds in remodelling the world.

It is here that logic, a-logic and para-logic jointly concur to create an inexhaustible theory of apparitions,
where text and context constantly interact, filtered by the fluid sieve of unconsciousness.
A sieve delicately woven from naive wefts of slumbering rationality.

Oniria is a heavenly dimension, where lights and shadows, lines and volumes,
objects and subjects — and with them, mass, proportion, matter — melt and consolidate,
ceaselessly reinforcing and annihilating each other.

In Oniria, truth and plausibility are intertwined, mutating epiphanies of a chimerical reality,
segmented into an often blurred declination of athmos, hydros, geos and pyros.

Exploring with new eyes the persistent dialectic tension between the illusion of reality and the reality of illusion,
Oniria becomes the quest for the ‘now’ plunged in the eternal reverberation of dreams.